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Florida has a plethora of boat ramps on both sides of the state. It also has its share of boat fails and dock screw ups. Whether you like qualified captains or credit card captains were here to capture the best moments at the ramp! On this episode the captain shoots a middle finger at me!



Let me know your thoughts. Typically I do not offer help as past offerings lead to denial, them becoming aggravated and now I sit an observe. If someone wants help they can ask. They're all adults. 

As boaters, we all know the importance of proper maintenance and preparation before heading out on the water. Whether it's checking the fuel levels, the battery, or the overall condition of the boat, every aspect of the vessel must be in top condition before setting sail. One important but often overlooked task is trimming the motor up at the boat ramp.

Trimming the motor up means raising it to a neutral or level position, which prevents damage to the propeller and the lower unit. It also makes it easier to launch the boat and reduces the risk of getting stuck in the mud. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this important step, as evidenced by a recent incident at a local boat ramp.

A man was caught on camera forgetting to trim his motor up before pulling the boat out of the water. He quickly became frustrated when a credit card captain started filming him and giving instructions on how to properly trim the motor. Instead of listening to the helpful advice, the man gave the credit card captain the middle finger and continued to launch his boat in an improper manner.

Not only was this behavior unprofessional, but it also showed a lack of understanding and respect for the rules and regulations of boating. Not only could this put other boaters in danger, but it could also result in damage to the man's boat and potentially costly repairs.

It's important to always keep safety and proper maintenance in mind when boating. Take the time to properly trim your motor up and follow all recommended procedures before heading out on the water. Not only will this ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, but it will also help prevent costly mistakes and potential danger to yourself and others.

In conclusion, always take the necessary steps to prepare your boat before launching. A little bit of extra effort can go a long way in ensuring a safe and enjoyable boating experience for everyone on the water.